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By making a purchase from the web site of the supplier Tenom Ltd., the client agrees with the present General terms of use.

Acquires the right to execute valid offers for purchasing of products, to use reductions and promotions, as well as to reject their executions in the proper way.


The prices that are in our electronic store have included value added tax. The basic prices and parameters are specified for all the products.


Tenom Ltd. reserves the right to change the prices at any moment, without having to notify the clients in advance. The users pay the price that was actual at the moment of the order.


With the purpose of buying products from the electronic store of Tenom Ltd., the clients fill in their personal information in the form. This information is under the protection of the Law for protection of the personal information. Tenom Ltd. uses the personal information only with the purpose of executing the order. We accept the information that you send as we use the information to execute your inquiry. The information that you send us IS NOT PRESENTED TO any third parties..


Find the article that You desire and click on the "BUY NOW" button in order to add it in the selling cart, which is situated in the upper right angle of the screen. After you have chosen the desired products in it´s relevant variation you have to push the "ADD TO CART" button, after what you´ll enter the selling cart where you can see the chosen products, their quantity and their value. In order to continue with the order, click on the "MAKE ORDER" button.


The value of the transport costs for delivery are automatically calculated in the web site after you indicate your country and exact address for delivery.

After you make your order and you confirm it, you´ll receive a confirmation e-mail at the address that you submitted with a full description of the enquiry. The delivery time for the present products depends on the delivery and payment methods that the client choses for each order. It is compulsory for the delivery to be made with the company´s transportation or a courier.


Upon a delivery, always open and check out the product in front of the courier for eventual problems. Upon detecting such a problem you can demand a protocol to be prepared.

Without such a protocol upon detecting a problem from your side, we have no basis for any claims. Only through a protocol you can demand any removal of the defects.


Upon accepting the order, you state that you want to buy the products added to the selling cart and you are acquainted with the general terms for ordering and delivery.


Return of a product, bought from Tenom Ltd. can be done with a written declaration, with which you express your desire to return the products bought. In case of rejection, we ask you to preserve our products in a way that has not damaged their quality and safety. Upon rejection, the products will be returned on account of the buyer to their initial state- the packaging with which they are offered in the trade network and with the supporting documentation. At the moment of return of the product a protocol has to be signed fixing the quality and safety of the product and to see if it has any damage caused by the buyer. Otherwise the termination of the contract happens after another negotiation for compensation of the reduced qualities of the product. Rejections of the contract, returning of products and sending any complaints you can make at email address:


1. Bank transfer

Recepient: Tenom Ltd.
Bank: Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD
IBAN: BG68RZBB91551002922297
Grounds: Online order number

2. Cash on delivery

You pay the owed sum to the courier upon receiving the product at your door. The terms for delivery is up to six work days after we receive your confirmation and the filled in order Form. In the prices of the products the delivery costs are not included. The price of the delivery is individual and depends on the products that are bought and the location at which they have to be delivered.

3. Credit or debit card from our virtual terminal.

The following cards can be used as a payment method in the on-line shop of Tenom Ltd.: MasterCard, Visa and Maestro.

The authentication of your card will be checked through submission of a security code (CVV2)

4. Paying with (mostly for Bulgaria)

By choosing this payment method the Buyer will be transferred to the web page of, where he´ll be asked to put in he´s user name and password and to confirm the payment. All required steps have to be accomplished in order to return successfully back to the web page of Tenom Ltd. and to confirm the purchase.


The use of this website, called SITE for short from now on, and the services offered through it by Tenom Ltd., called SUPPLIER from now on for short, represents an acceptance, acknowledgement and agreement that the user/client, called USER for short, will be tied to the general conditions, no matter if the use is on their own behalf or on behalf of any other physical/legal entity.

The USER is obligated, when they don`t agree with the general terms, to stop using the SITE immediately.

Upon using this SITE, the USER is obligated to keep the present general conditions, as well as all other conditions specified by the Bulgarian legislation and international legislation, even if it is not explicitly stated in the present terms.

The SUPPLIER does not hold responsibility, if the USER has not read and acquainted themselves with the present general terms.

The SUPPLIER reserves their right to change, delete and edit the General Terms at any time, and the respective changes to be published at this address.

1. Website content

The USER has the right to use this SITE and the information with the materials, that this site contains, only for legal purposes and in a way that does not damage the rights or limits the use and access of this site from a third party.

The SITE´s use is by initiative, will and on the risk and responsibility of the USER, upon keeping up with the limitations in the Law of Copyright and other related rights, in favor of the titular of the copyright – Tenom Ltd. or a third party (where applicable).

Tenom Ltd. authorizes you to browse, store, to copy physical copies of the materials on this SITE (including pages, documents, files, pictures) only for Your use and in order to receive information concerning the products and services that we offer, and to generate orders or offers for our products and services.

You do not have the right to change, copy ,reproduce (fully or partly), republish, send or to transmit (in the form of mail, electronically or in other way), expose, lend, sell, transfer, create secondary materials based on the SITE content, to link or to use for a public or commercial purpose, to distribute in any way that has not been quoted here any element from the content of the site, without a preliminary written agreement from Tenom Ltd.. Each use of the content in another site or the computer environment is prohibited for any purposes, except after a written agreement from Tenom Ltd.

Each forbidden use of the SITE or its content (including, but not limited to: sending of any materials with unlawful, threatening, untrue, misleading, offensive, disgraceful, insulting, blasphemous, abusive, anticompetitive, slanderous, indecent, scandalous, provocative, pornographic content or any other materials that create or encourage behavior that could be judged as a crime, would lead to penal prosecution or in any way breaks the laws of the republic of Bulgaria) is strictly prohibited without any previous written agreement by Tenom Ltd..

The use of any software or devices for getting access to the SITE information with the purpose of mass copying/downloading the content is strictly prohibited. The USER is obligated not to use the SITE in order to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks.

Tenom Ltd. reserves the right to actualize (add, change, move and delete) the content or parts of it (incl. prices publications, technical specifications, product variation or other information, described or related to the present SITE),to correct eventual mistakes, inaccuracies and misses, at any moment and without previous notification.

2. Limiting of the responsibility

The full content of this SITE is given "as is", without any guarantee from any kind or essence, purely expressed, imposed or implied, including but not limited to:availability,exactness,reliability,timeliness, fullness,guarantee for selling or suitability of the products and services for certain purposes. We have presented all reasonable measures in order to ensure the authenticity, truthfulness and completeness of the SITE information. Despite this Tenom Ltd. does not guarantee the correctness and completeness of the SITE content. Use of the SITE, as well as the actions that you make because of this, are entirely at Your risk and responsibility.

In no circumstances Tenom Ltd., its employees, managers, suppliers, agents or other third parties, mentioned in this SITE or participating in its creation, will hold responsibility for any damages (in this number but not limited to : direct, indirect, penal, special, accidental, provoked, following damages, damages from missed advantages, from loss of information or stopping the activity or others),caused in any other way, connected with or caused by the use of, the impossibility to use or the unavailability of the SITE or of a material, situated on it, as well as operating with it (including the technical problems regardless of our efforts) or other sites that our SITE forwards to, including as a result of making decisions and/or performing and/or not performing certain actions based on the published information, as well as based on other materials, information, products and services that are contained in some of these sites, regardless of the type of cause and regardless of any missing warnings for the possibility of any such damages occurring and even when we have not been notified of any possibility of such damages occurring .

In any cases that are not mentioned here, the responsibilities of Tenom Ltd. are limited to the maximally permissible level, allowed by the Bulgarian law.

The USER agrees to protect, defend and keep the name of Tenom Ltd., its officials, managers, employees, agents, suppliers and partners from and against all expenses, losses, damages arising from violation of these rules and conditions by the USER or from other party that has access to the SITE.

Tenom is not liable for damages caused by unfair, negligent and/or grossly usage of the furniture other than conventional Intended for any particular item.

3. References (hyperlinks)

The SITE can contain hyperlinks to sites who are owned by third parties. The references to these sites from this SITE are not monitored by us and are given only for your comfort and facilitation, and their presence does not mean that we approve the content, products or services that a re offered by these sites. If you use these hyperlinks, You will leave this SITE. We do not control and don`t hold any responsibility about these sites, and we also do not guarantee or engage ourselves with them and their content, completeness, actuality, authenticity and usefulness of the information, as well as for the products and services that are offered there. We do not hold any responsibility of the politics for personal information protection of these sites. We do not hold responsibility concerning any results and consequences arising from their use (including damages or missed advantages)Use of any sites that we have referenced and hyperlinked from our site is to be made at your own risk and responsibility.

References to our SITE

References from pages from our SITE are permissible, in case they are made in the proper context. Upon any necessity for specifications from Your side concerning the possibility to put on a reference on Your site towards a page on our SITE-please contact us.

In case you do not keep the above mentioned condition, Your right to use this SITE is automatically terminated and You have to destroy all loaded, saved or printed out materials from the SITE immediately.